Elmia, the organisation behind Sweden’s Elmia Wood and SkogsElmia forestry and timber shows, is launching a new exhibition for used machinery for the forestry and initial timber processing sector.

Elmia Loggers Meet is being co-organised with the Swedish Forestry Contractors Association, and will additionally feature new accessories and spares.

Elmia says that the event, which will take place in Jönköping from May 21 to 22 next year, will be particularly targeted at forest owners. The plan is for the show to be biennial, taking place in the years between SkogsElmia and Elmia Wood.

“Research conducted by Elmia show that there is a need for a market forum for used machinery, trade in which today exceeds that of new machinery,” said Elmia. “Sweden has an oversupply, whereas countries such as Germany and the Baltic states have a large demand, so we intend to market the event throughout the entire Baltic Sea region, including Germany, to attract potential buyers.”