THE EUROPEAN Commission has formally proposed stripping immunity from existing EU anti-dumping duties on imports of Polish timber pallets enjoyed by seven companies.

If the EU ministers agree, the companies will from now on have to pay the tariffs.

Six of the companies were found to have broken promises not to dump pallets on the EU market, while one is an associated company. The firms concerned are PW ŒIntur-kfs‚ Sp. z o.o., Inowroclaw; ZPHU ŒMiroslaw Przybylek‚, Klonowa; Import-Export ŒElko‚ Sp. z o.o., Kalisz; ŒDrewpal‚ sp. j., Blizanow; ŒD&M&D‚ Sp. z o.o., Blizanow; ŒCMC‚ Sp. z o. o., Andrychow, Inwald; and P.P.H.U. ŒZbigniew Marek‚, Andrychow.

  All would pay dumping duties of 6.3 per cent, bar PW ŒIntur-kfs,‚ which would pay 9.7 per cent.