The Fencing Contractors Association (FCA) is recommending its members look at Highways Sector Scheme 4 preservative treatment due to ongoing issues with Hazard Class 4 treated posts.

Wendy Baker of the Fencing Contractors Association told TTJ that she had received about 10 complaints recently from members in south-east England about fencing posts failing prematurely.

One member who installed two Class 4 gate posts to hold expensive electrically-operated security gates for a residential development said the posts had failed, leaving the company with a costly exercise to replace them, despite the supplier providing two replacement gate posts.

“The contractor has to dig out the old posts, dismantle the gate, with all the labour and resources to put the gate back on,” she said.

“We need somebody to find a solution because there is no confidence in User Class 4-treated timber performance.”

Ms Baker said she had given details of the complaints to the Wood Protection Association.

The FCA is recommending an option of contractors looking at Highways Sector Scheme 4 preservative treatment for a 30-year service life.