The multi-level Certified Contractors Scheme gives basic certification to full members who fulfil registration criteria and meet minimum standards for training, quality and continual improvement.

The highest level covers highways and utility work.

“There are so many professional schemes out there that it is not only the ability of the company to qualify and tick all the boxes, but they also come with a big price tag.

"We have never been a pay and display organisation and we continually vet and monitor, which gives full credibility to our members,” said FCA chief executive Wendy Baker.

There are four levels to the scheme: General Installation, Commercial Installation, Major Projects Installation and Specialist Installation.

This ranges from residential installations up to complex installations covered by National Highways Sector Schemes.

“This is a quality assured scheme to make the lives of specifiers, procurement officers and clients easier when searching for technically competent and appropriately qualified fencing contractors who hold the requisite skills and wider professional accreditations for specific projects,” Ms Baker said.

The scheme is also open to non-FCA members for a fee.