The first domestic application of Accoya has been completed, with the homeowner claiming that the product “will become the architects, developers, housing associations and environmentalists’ wood of choice”.

Architect Gordon Aitken has used Accoya, manufactured by Titan Wood and distributed throughout the UK by BSW Timber, to clad his home in Fife, Scotland and said that the product’s low maintenance and aesthetic qualities were key in his decision to use it.

Accoya was also used to manufacture window trims for the house and a specially designed rainscreen, which is intended to offer a second drainage layer behind the cladding, while the exterior was treated with a translucent Sikkens coating to offer 12 years of protection.

“I was impressed with the benefits of Accoya including its 60-year durability…and the significant reduction in timber shrinkage and expansion,” said Mr Aitken.

“I was pleased that Accoya was also an environmentally-friendly non-toxic wood offering outstanding levels of UV resistance and sustainability.”

John Alexander, head of business development at BSW Timber, noted that “market development is progressing incredibly well” and that Accoya has seen a strong response from joiners, architects and developers since it was launched in the UK in the spring.

Commercial production of Accoya officially began at the end of May, when Titan Wood inaugurated its production facility in Arnhem in the Netherlands, and Mr Alexander has said that the first large order for a UK housing association was delivered last week.