With its sights set on the modular building business in Europe, Finnforest Corporation is commissioning a new factory in Finland with capacity for construction of around 1,000 dwellings a year.

The 20,000m2 facility is being built in Hartola next door to Finnforest’s Kuningaspalkki glulam factory and production is due to start in autumn 2004.

The size of the investment has yet to be confirmed, but the two factories will be able to share resources such as personnel, energy production, maintenance and warehousing.

The modular timber housing will be manufactured from glulam and Kerto (LVL).

A spokesperson for Finnforest said glulam is a highly competitive alternative to steel and concrete construction, lending itself to a variety of shapes and structures, even in large span applications, while Kerto (LVL) is a high technology weather resistant laminated wood product for advanced engineering.