Forests Forever launched its first environmental report at its AGM in London on Wednesday.

The report covers a wide range of environmental issues including climate change, certification, life cycle analysis, waste packaging regulations and relations with NGOs.

Forests Forever works closely with the Timber Trade Federation, which now requires all its members to be part of the Forests Forever campaign. The aim of the environmental strategy, which was launched late last year, is to secure timber’s future as an environmentally desirable building and manufacturing material and promote improvements in the environmental performance of the timber industry.`

‘This is a landmark document,’ said TTF head of public affairs, Mark O’Brien. ‘It’s a first in boosting the Forests Forever campaigning and communications work, not just with its membership but with the outside world. It will be distributed to selected MPs, policy makers, journalists and NGOs,’ he added.

Mr O’Brien said the document would be published annually for each Forests Forever AGM, and cover the work of the previous year.

Activities for 2001 include production of publications, lobbying key government departments and environmental NGOs, and active participation in timber certification initiatives and life cycle assessment research.