FSC-certified forestland in North America has reached the 100 million acre milestone.

In the past four years alone, the area of FSC-certified forestland in the US and Canada has nearly trebled.

The number of US certified businesses in the supply chain has grown to more than 3,000 – a five-fold increase since January 2005.

In Canada, FSC certification has resulted in the protection of 7.5 million acres of forestland in the boreal forest which was previously intended for logging. FSC said its standards to protect forests of significant conservation value meant FSC represented the “high bar” in forest certification.

First Nations-owned Lisaak Forest Resources Ltd, based in British Columbia, said FSC had proved a good fit with its business philosophy. Lisaak supplies western red cedar and yellow cedar among other products.

For more statistics on the FSC market visit www.fsc.org/facts-figures.html.