FSC reassociates with Danzer Group

14 August 2014

The Forest Stewardship Council has today lifted its disassociation with Danzer Group after being satisfied the company is meeting FSC criteria.

The FSC disassociated from Danzer and withdrew its certification in May last year over alleged breaches of its rules by former Danzer subsidiary SIFORCO in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In February this year a review by the Forest Peoples Program (FPP) considered changes Danzer had made in its work and management practices to secure reassociation and recommended the company's reassociation if it committed to additional measures.

Last month the FSC international board of directors approved a roadmap, detailing the final steps Danzer needed to complete prior to reassociation.

According to FPP Africa regional co-ordinator John Nelson, the changes Danzer has now implemented set "a new benchmark that should be followed by all certified logging companies operating in the Congo Basin".

The reassociation means that Industrie Forestière de Ouesso, a Danzer subsidiary in the Republic of Congo, can have its FSC membership reinstated and it can sign trademark licence agreements with the FSC.