George Reynolds and fellow director Richard Tennick are to appear in court to face a public examination after George Reynolds UK (GRUK) went into liquidation with debts of £4.7m.

The hearing, due to be held at Darlington county court on September 22, has been called by the official receiver appointed when GRUK was wound up.

Under the Insolvency Act, the official receiver can examine a director of a company in compulsory liquidation in open court.

In a statement, the receiver said: “This is done to obtain information on the company and its affairs where there has been little or no co-operation from a director or where it may be appropriate to obtain further information by way of formal examination.

“Mr Reynolds has provided some information to the official receiver but further information has been sought which he has yet to provide.

“Mr Tennick has yet to co-operate in the proceedings. The official receiver has therefore applied to the court for both to be examined publicly.”