The organisation says there are five key reasons for buying a Grown in Britain-certified Christmas tree this year:

  • Grown in Britain labelled Christmas trees have to meet strict freshness standards, which helps them last longer.
  • The UK has a flourishing Christmas tree sector and buying a home grown tree supports local rural businesses. 
  • It’s a sustainable choice – according to government statistics, around £3m-worth of real Christmas trees are imported into the UK each year – travelling a lot more tree miles than home-grown trees.
  • Real Christmas trees are more environmentally friendly than artificial trees and Grown in Britain certified trees are great quality, from growers located right across the UK. 
  • A recent report published by Grown in Britain highlighted a risk that imported Christmas trees could provide a pathway for new tree pests and diseases to enter the UK. The organisation says the report’s findings underline the need for retailers and buyers of imported trees to source their trees responsibly and ensure robust biosecurity measures are in place. Buying a Christmas tree labelled with the Grown in Britain mark, certifies it is grown in the UK.

“Buying a real Christmas tree is an integral part of the festive celebrations and a sustainable choice, which also supports the rural economy,” said Dougal Driver, chief executive. “The UK has a thriving Christmas tree sector and many of the trees sold here are home-grown. However, it is essential that when trees are imported, the potential threat from new pests and diseases is minimised, so we can protect this country’s Christmas tree plantations and the wider wood and forest environment.”

Grown in Britain’s Christmas tree certification scheme operates throughout the supply chain from growers to retailers. Around 100,000 Christmas trees across the UK are currently certified by Grown in Britain and the number is rising all the time. 

“Real Christmas trees are a sustainable, renewable resource with a much smaller carbon footprint than artificial ones, especially when they are home-grown like ours,” said Dave Brown of Infinity Christmas Trees, which has Grown in Britain certification. “We plant two new trees for every one we harvest and each year, our Christmas tree plantations across the UK absorb 900 tonnes of CO2, benefiting the environment.”