“For some time, we have been exploring ways to make life easier for businesses and individuals to connect with Hanson Plywood and obtain concise and informative detail about our operations and services,” said Gary Scott, managing director. “The unwelcome arrival of the viral pandemic has encouraged us to forge ahead with our efforts as we can now see a definitive need for digital/virtual services that provide a resource which eliminates some of the health risks associated with close social interaction.”

This has led to the creation of the Hanson Plywood Virtual Showroom, which aims to provide as much relevant information as possible while being accessed from the comfort of home or office.

“In our main showroom you will see, next to the reception desk, a downloadable copy of our newly launched 2021 brochure, as well as a live chat feature to ask our staff any questions about our products or the showroom,” said Mr Scott.

“We also include a virtual library which stocks all our latest information/publications. Within our library, you will also find a section for our suppliers technical information which will be very useful if you are looking for a specific product.”

Phase two of the development will go live next week and one of the new features includes the more functional side of a showroom with the presence of a wide range of product samples. This phase was intended to be more educational and is designed that way to make it easier for architects to specify Hanson Plywood’s products.

Mr Scott said there will be additional phases in the future “as we continue to develop on this new virtual journey”.

Visit the virtual showroom at www.hanson-plywood-showroom.co.uk