Hardwood trade gathers for LHC New Year Luncheon in London

30 January 2024

More than 200 members of the hardwood trade, spanning representation from the UK, Europe and North America, gathered for a successful London Hardwood Club (LHC) New Year Luncheon on January 26.

Overseas companies in attendance included Rougier International, Vandecasteele Houtimport, Robinson Lumber, Wijma, Salamanca Lumber Co, Ontario Hardwood Products and Northland Forest Products. The majority of UK hardwood importers/distributors were also in attendance, along with several logistics businesses.

The popular event was once again held at the HAC, City Road, London.

LHC president Rupert Walker, of Timberlink International, gave a summary of the club’s activities in the past year and commented on current market dynamics.

“Our meetings are well attended, so I would encourage you to attend in 2024 – they are a great day out and there are lots of good discussions,” said Mr Walker.

On current market prospects, he said what lies ahead was “uncertain at best”.

TTJ spoke to a number of hardwood traders at the event, with many signalling more encouraging trade activity in the first few weeks of 2024.

LHC meetings held during 2023 included several market discussions, a presentation by TFT Woodexperts’ Jim Coulson and an overview of supply chain/due diligence services by Darren Thomas of Double Helix.

Comedian Phil Walker provided the entertainment at this year’s LHC New Year Luncheon.

LHC New Year Luncheon 2024 in London