BPI Asset Disposal Solutions has sold the factory assets of Lighthouse Modular, with the sale including 500 auction lots and 100s of collections.

The company was forced to cease trading after experiencing cashflow issues. 

Lighthouse Modular was established in 2020 with the goal of transforming the construction industry with its high-quality modular homes. The company specialised in manufacturing timber-frame volumetric modular houses, apartments, and bungalows from its factory in Sheffield.

The leadership team at Lighthouse modular were under pressure to vacate its premises as soon as possible, whilst maximising the value of their assets. There was a two-week timeframe for Lighthouse to vacate the 250,000 square foot factory.

Sales lots included machinery, equipment, building materials, modular units, vehicles, and more. 

 “The closure of Lighthouse Modular in Sheffield serves as an example of the challenges faced by businesses in the construction industry,” said Jamie Senior, account manager at BPI.”

Lighthouse Modular is one of a number of volumetric modular home builders to have ceased trading in the past 18 months, both in timber-based and alternative construction materials. 

L&G Modular Homes has been another big modular homes maker to announce a closure plan. The phased closure process began last year after experiencing an £93.8m loss in 2022.