Launching ProRange plywood across its branch network, the Group aims to ensure consistency in quality, improved delivery times and uniform competitive pricing for one of the most versatile and affordable building materials used by its customers,

IBMG’s ProRange plywood has durable eucalyptus throughout with phenolic resin and an E1 formaldehyde rating.  Available in Class 2 and Class 3, the new addition to the ProRange product line is FSC certified and ethically sourced.

“Plywood remains a cornerstone material for builders, hence our reason for launching ProRange eucalyptus throughout plywood,” said Bob Tee, category director at IBMG. “We want our customers to be assured of consistent quality and competitive pricing whether purchasing it from Parker Building Supplies, Grant & Stone, RGB, Chandlers Building Supplies, Fairalls, or any of our other builders’ merchants.”

Moving to a single source for the ProRange plywood also aligns with IBMG’s commitment to improving delivery timelines as well as streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

IBMG announced its first foray into private-label products with the launch of its ProRange product line at the beginning of 2024. The first product to launch under the brand was ProRange underfloor heating (UFH). IBMG will continue to add to its ProRange line over the coming months, with the intention to provide a comprehensive product range to installers.