Brand new for 2022, the IMHX Sustainability Zone will combine physical displays, augmented reality, and virtual reality demonstrations to give visitors a ‘deep dive’ into the many steps that companies operating in the supply chain space can take to make sure they perform as sustainably as possible.

Prominently located within the main IMHX exhibition hall, the Sustainability Zone, which is being delivered in partnership with SEC Storage, will be set across 300m2 and will allow visitors to take away everything they need to develop an effective sustainability policy or benchmark their existing strategy against examples from some of the most successful companies in the industry.

“Sustainability has emerged as a strategic imperative,” said Rob Fisher, IMHX 2022 group director. “Consumers increasingly show a preference for brands and products with authentic sustainability credentials and, as a result, more companies will only deal with businesses that share their sustainability values and don’t treat the issue as another marketing veneer.”

“Sustainability is the new frontier on which companies must compete and it is going to have a significant impact on every business’s long-term viability,” added Harry Watts, managing director of SEC Storage. “ Increasingly we will see that a positive approach to social and environmental issues brings financial reward, so ‘doing good’ will have a direct impact on a company’s ability to ‘do well.’

The IMHX Sustainability Zone will comprise a number of dedicated areas where visitors can learn about the developments in technology as well as the social issues and operational trends that are shaping today’s sustainable supply chains.

“At SEC, we’re extremely excited about delivering an experience for visitors that will showcase Industry 4.0 technological, operational and market trends, through cutting-edge, immersive technologies,” said Mr Watts. “Visitors will be able to step into a world that will highlight not only how fascinating the logistics industry is right now, but will also show how much potential there is in their own operations.”

“Our Sustainability Zone is certainly going to have the ‘wow’ factor”, added Mr Fisher. “It is one of many new features planned for IMHX 2022 which will ensure that every aspect of the event is relevant for the challenges and opportunities presenting themselves to companies in the logistics and supply chain sectors today.”