The achievement is listed in the company’s newly-published 2004-2006 Sustainability Update, which details International Paper’s environmental compliance and accountability, energy efficiency and forest stewardship.

The company has formed seven public-private partnerships during the past two years in order to exceed Environmental Protection Agency standards at a lower cost.

Some of the savings have been used in local environmental priorities, such as air and water quality. These projects reduced pollutant emissions by more than 6,300 tons and, through lower fuel usage, reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 440,000 tons beyond what would have been achieved through a conventional approach.

Environmental incidents have reduced by 65% since 2002, with 27 incidents reported in 2005 across 31 paper mills and nearly 200 other manufacturing and converting facilities worldwide.

The company has now protected more than 1 million acres of forestland through sales or donations of forestlands or conservation easements, including a recent sale of nearly 300,000 acres of high-value conservation lands to The Nature Conservancy and The Conservation Fund.