The collision in the early hours of December 13 in the Baltic Sea resulted in one crew member on the capsized Danish ship as recorded dead and another unaccounted for.

A Scotline statement was released following the incident.

“In line with standard procedures, it is further understood that all crew members of the Scot Carrier were tested for drugs and alcohol with two crew members exceeding the legal limit,” said the Scot Marine Holdings statement.

The company says it has a strict drug and alcohol policy in place and has a zero-tolerance for any breaches that occur.

Swedish investigators launched a preliminary investigation into gross negligence in maritime traffic and it is understood that one Scot Carrier crew member is in custody and is suspected of drunkenness and negligence. The case is being dealt with at Malmo District Court.

The Scot Carrier is understood still to be at the Port of Ystad, Sweden.