Forest Industries Ireland (FII), an organisation which represents companies from across the forestry and timber supply chain, has launched the strategy to drive growth and promote innovation and product development.

FII explained that the supply of wood from Irish forests would double by 2035, presenting significant opportunities for the forest products sector. This positive supply situation, it said, would drive a large and sustained growth in timber processing and valuable Irish exports and stimulate further investment by industry in the development of new wood and wood based products.

The strategy will position homegrown timber as the preferred sustainable material for key end use markets through implementing a wide range of market development and training initiatives targeting specifiers and end users and further through supporting education and skills development.

“With supply increasing, a key enabler for the economic development of the forest products sector will be ensuring homegrown timber has access to valuable markets,” said Des O’Toole, marketing and communications director, Forest Industries Ireland Promotions Group.