In 2015, the company became the first British fencing manufacturer to introduce a hedgehog-friendly timber gravel board, for residential use. This innovation is compatible with its timber fence panels and slotted posts and not only safeguards fence panels from ground contact but also incorporates a designated hole to facilitate the passage of hedgehogs. This seemingly small modification plays a crucial role in combating the declining population of hedgehogs by providing them with convenient access between areas for essential activities like foraging and mating.

Recognising the need to extend this initiative beyond residential gardens, Jacksons Fencing is aiming to tackle the matter of hedgehog-friendly fencing in commercial sites too. The company aims to raise awareness among architects, specifiers, and end-users about the availability of hedgehog-friendly fencing options and the importance of incorporating them in their projects.

Certain commercial fencing types, such as mesh fencing with larger apertures: V mesh, twin wire panels, and chain link, for example, have recently come under scrutiny due to their potential to trap or endanger hedgehogs. Although attempts to create openings or holes in these fences have been made, they often prove ineffective as hedgehogs may not be aware of such access points or may not be able to navigate them safely. This revelation has prompted Jacksons Fencing to advocate for the species by highlighting alternative products that prioritise both wildlife preservation and high security requirements of sites which require security fencing, where suitable.

Among the recommended solutions, vertical bar fencing emerges as the optimal choice, as it seamlessly integrates security and hedgehog-friendly features. With gaps between pales designed to adhere to anti-trap regulations, hedgehogs can navigate through the fencing effortlessly, ensuring their safety. These fences also feature sturdy construction, concealed, tamper-proof fixings, an attractive appearance, and minimal obstruction to visibility, making them an ideal choice for various applications.

Additionally, Jacksons Fencing highlights the advantages of high concealment mesh fencing, particularly its innovative EuroGuard Combi product. This solution combines rigid V mesh panels with interlaced wooden slats, delivering both privacy and a natural aesthetic while upholding the strength and security expected from a steel mesh fence. The incorporation of timber slats effectively covers mesh gaps, preventing hedgehogs from getting stuck while still providing a secure enclosure.

“Jacksons Fencing has championed hedgehog highways for several years,” said Peter Jackson, managing director. “We have updated our product literature, specifications, and online content to educate our customers and specifiers about the availability and benefits of wildlife-friendly fencing options. Prioritising hedgehog preservation and conservation, is just one example of our commitment to sustainability and the well-being of wildlife.”