This fence post solution enables corners between 30-45 degrees, adding more options for gardens without being bound to sharp 90-degree corners.

Jacksons Fencing’s new angled fence post offers adaptable fence installation to outdoor spaces with difficult fence runs. Thanks to regular customer research and feedback, Jacksons Fencing discovered that some struggle to find fencing solutions for their exterior spaces if they don’t conform to straight or 90-degree fencing. This new angled fence post makes a change of orientation possible between 30 to 45 degrees without any unsightly or less secure hacks that would have previously had to be used.

Slotted Jakposts are Jacksons Fencing’s most popular post type as they appear more natural than some alternatives. They are available in standard and heavy-duty inters, ends, and corners. Panels simply slot into posts and fit to avoid rattling, and these can be securely fixed with screws. This precise fit means Jakposts reduce damage caused by wind movement when the panels are screwed to the posts.

“We really pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of fence posts to satisfy everybody,” said Peter Jackson, managing director. “And with a 25-year guarantee, our customers can be confident that when they do invest in our products, the timber fencing is guaranteed to endure what mother nature throws at it, for many years to come.

“Recently we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the demand for fence posts and options. Since the pandemic started, renovations and refurbs have become a sudden priority. With this in mind, we wanted to add a new option to our already extensive range. Our new angled slotted fence posts are available to those with gardens without 90-degree corners, and we hope with this new product we can continue to provide products that are perfectly manufactured, easy to install, low maintenance, and highly durable.”