Under the ‘easement’ and ‘exemption’ measures, accredited businesses can repair, respectively, white pallets and pool pallets with heat-treated ISPM15 boards and blocks. It avoids the need to completely re-treat a pallet after a repair, as usually required under the UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme (UKWPMMP).    

The company says its Stretton site is the first in the country to be accredited under the exemption provisions, with its Golborne and Greetham sites also being approved under the easement provisions. It is also in the process of accrediting its sites in Wrexham, Workington and Gateshead.

In addition to gaining accreditation at its own sites, the company has also been working closely with several of its customers, lending its expertise in this area to assist them by developing processes and procedures for also gaining accreditation.

“With the Brexit transition period ending on December 31, demand for ISPM15 wooden pallets and packaging has increased significantly,” said Gil Covey, JJPPL chairman said. “Accordingly, we have moved quickly to ensure we increase our capacity to supply businesses with the maximum possible number of compliant pallets and packaging before and after the deadline.”