Malaysian timber company Jaya Tiasa Holdings Bhd is to continue the pursuit of international certification in order to broaden its market reach.

Jaya Tiasa recorded revenue of M$855m in the last financial year, with pre-tax profit up by 150.5% to M$161.6m. This was recorded off the back of the production of 360,000m3 of plywood, 324,000m3 of rotary veneer, 108,000m3 of sawn timber, 12,000m3 of blockboard, 6,000m3 of film-overlay plywood and six million m3 of sliced-veneer across its three operations, Jaya Tiasa Plywood, Rimbunan Hijau Plywood and Jaya Tiasa Timber Products.

Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Abdul Hamid, chairman of Jaya Tiasa Holdings, said that the group would now be continuing its drive to achieve international certification “in order to position itself better to penetrate the market where certification is required”.

Mr Adbul Rahman noted that the receipt of CE marking certification by BM TRADA Certification Ltd had allowed Rimbunan Hijau Plywood to sell its products to the European Union, highlighting the benefits to be gained by achieving international recognition.

Investments in machinery also boosted Jaya Tasia Holdings’ results according to Mr Abdul Rahman, who added that the company would be installing further equipment over the coming months that will allow plywood production to be increased by 5,000m3 a month, equating to an additional 60,000m3 a year.