Keith Ainslie to run for charity

24 January 2023

James Jones & Sons sales manager Keith Ainslie announced his impending retirement at the London Softwood Club Christmas lunch and pledged to undertake one final charity fund-raiser before he leaves.

“I’ve chosen the Gothenburg Half Marathon on May 13 as our main effort, this is the world’s largest half marathon with over 40,000 taking part,” said Mr Ainslie. “Both my wife and I will be taking on the challenge of the gruelling 13.1 mile course.

“I’ve also settled on Against Breast Cancer as our chosen charity. It’s a fantastic charity whose efforts are twofold, they are trying to develop new treatments against Breast Cancer and to reduce the risk of recurrence and secondary spread.”

Mr Ainslie has also signed up to run the Edinburgh Meadows marathon in early March, the Carlisle half marathon two weeks later and the Madrid Marathon at the end of April, “so I’m not heading quietly into retirement”.

Mr and Mrs Ainslie will be paying all their own travel and race costs, so any donations will go the charity in full.

To donate, visit Keith Ainslie is fundraising for Against Breast Cancer (