Sustainability and responsibility have always been at the core of Latvijas Finieris’ activities. Riga ECOlogical is another strategical initiative of Latvijas Finieris and Riga Wood brands’ sustainable path through the entire supply chain. It contributes to the EU Green Deal target leading towards a better quality of life in a healthier environment.

Due to growing demand from the market, Furniers, one of the mills of Latvijas Finieris, is only producing plywood with Riga ECOlogical. All technical properties of Riga Wood plywood remain unchanged when applying this lignin gluing technology, thereby allowing it to be used in almost all Riga Wood products.

Unchanged technical properties allow a wide range of application in many industries – starting from concrete formwork systems and interior solutions, to rail, road, and air transportation, as well as high-end packaging and more. Moreover, the reduced carbon footprint, VOC and formaldehyde emissions assure that products are not only more environmentally friendly, but also secure a healthier environment where plywood with Riga ECOlogical is applied.

Riga ECOlogical is just one part of the sustainable supply chain of Latvijas Finieris. The sustainable approach to plywood production begins at the source of raw materials, coming from known, controlled and legal origins close to mills, and continues in the full usage of side streams that are utilised in energy and materials for further production processes.

Despite the already notable achievements, further research is taking place to achieve the main goal – to develop a completely fossil-free glue.