Lionex has secured an exclusive distribution deal with Integroup Indonesia in a move designed to improve the sustainability of its products.

Integroup has recently had one of its two forest concessions in Kalimantan FSC-certified, with the second due to follow in November.

“Lionex has an extensive panel of suppliers for sustainable timber, including those certified by PEFC and MTCS for Malaysian timber,” said Marco Poot, Lionex managing director.

“However, we recognise the growing demand of FSC-certified timber of our European customers, and Integroup has the resources to provide them with a higher range of FSC-certified products.”

Lionex said it was being proactive in advance of the EU Timber Regulation, which will enforce the trading of only legally harvested timber in 2013.

The deal adds to Lionex’s current offering of value-added and customised timber products for construction, DIY and the garden/decking markets. Door jambs, skirting boards and windows and door components will be additional products for Lionex.