The shrinking UK Brazilian mahogany trade has suffered more disruption following the Brazilian government’s latest export ban because of alleged illegal logging.

Brian Swift, a director of hardwood agent UCM Timber, said: ‘We trade in a lot of mahogany but over the past 12 months there has not been much in the market place. Once they have decided what is legal and what is illegal, it will trickle back in, but there will be no big volumes.’

Peter Latham, a director of James Latham, said: ‘Ten years ago Brazilian mahogany would have been our biggest selling item. Now, it’s a very small part.’

He said difficulties included availability and making sure sources are legal.

UK furniture manufacturer Rackstraw is disappointed that Greenpeace has named it among firms ‘potentially linked’ in the use of illegally felled Brazilian mahogany.

Sales and marketing controller Mike Rowley said:

‘We make sure all our wood comes from reputable sources in the UK.’