The strategic decision to establish a presence on the science park cements MDF Recovery's longstanding partnership with Bangor University, the owner of M-SParc. 

This move underscores the company's dedication to solving the challenges of achieving a circular economy in Wales, aligning with its recent milestone of the first licence sale in Newtown.

“Our expansion to Menai Science Park signifies our deep-rooted collaboration with Bangor University and our commitment to advancing sustainable practices,” said Craig Bartlett, managing director of MDF Recovery.

“By situating ourselves within the country's first science park, we aim to foster greater cooperation with other clean tech businesses, amplifying our impact on environmental stewardship.”

 “We are excited to embark on this new chapter at Menai Science Park,” said Rob Elias, Head of Business Development at MDF Recovery. 

"This strategic move not only strengthens our ties with Bangor University but also positions us to use the vibrant ecosystem of clean tech businesses, building new partnerships for collective progress."