The software will deliver significant benefits to the trussed rafter supply chain, said the company.

These benefits include enabling the truss manufacturer to email the completed roof design in a special Pamir Viewer file with a link to the free Pamir Viewer software. This viewer software enables the recipient to check dimensions in both the Layout and Frame Views, as well as to view bookmarked views in the 3D view to enable quick and easy communication regarding more complex areas of the roof design.

On projects where Building Information Modelling (BIM) is being used, the company added, Pamir delivers file formats that can be easily sent and viewed on smartphones and tablets on site.

"The launch of Pamir is the most significant software development to have taken place in the industry during the last 20 years and we believe that it will set our customers even further ahead in today’s competitive market," said David Fraser, managing director of MiTek UK and Ireland at the launch, which took place in Provence.

"The software has been 10 years in development, comprises more than 760,000 lines of code and has taken 130 man years of work to complete," he added.

"The result is software that delivers the modern truss manufacturer quick estimating capabilities, quicker roof editing tools and a more integrated software environment."

The process of migrating existing MiTek customers onto Pamir started this month.