This upgrade to its e-business myMSC platform will enable customers to access real-time shipping rates for container bookings more quickly and easily than the current offline system.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend towards digitalisation within the industry and the importance of engaging customers through multiple platforms, including through e-business,” said Andre Simha, chief digital and information officer.

“As such, this upgrade of myMSC is a clear illustration of our continuing efforts to invest in a digital business transformation, with the aim to improve efficiency and transparency and to give our customers more options.”

The Instant Quote function is currently only available for shipping trade routes from North America to Europe and from Asia to Europe, with plans for the addition of more trades over the course of 2020.

To use Instant Quote, customers will need to login or sign up for an account at or via the myMSC iOS/Android app.

This new function adds to the list of e-business tools already available in myMSC, such as the ability to do e-bookings, retrieval of documents such as booking confirmations and arrival notices, oversight of bookings via a dashboard, creation and submission of shipping instructions, submission of verified gross mass, tracking of shipments and receiving of notifications.