Mumford and Wood commissioned Carbon FootprintTM in 2021 to conduct a full annual audit of the firm, business practices and travel to reduce its carbon footprint and became 100% carbon neutral from January 2022.

“As a manufacturer focused on using natural timber materials, it only seems right that we are environmentally responsible,” said Dion Panting, general manager.

“We enlisted Carbon FootprintTM to advise us on how to make changes that will make a big difference. Our sales force use only hybrid cars and we continue to employ as many local people as possible, reducing emissions from staff that commute to our offices. We also continually review the green credentials of our manufacturing machinery and this is a huge consideration for any new purchases we make. We had already transitioned to using only LED/low energy lighting throughout our office space and want to do even more to help.”

Mumford and Wood also pledge a UK native tree for every project completed.

Although UK based, Mumford and Wood source the majority of their wood from overseas and so to help offset any transportation emissions have also started work with the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project to aid deforestation issues in Indonesia in addition to a verified carbon standard reduction project in the Amazon, Brazil, offsetting around 350 tonnes of CO2 in 2021 alone.

“We are very proud to have achieved this status and have set our next goal of becoming Carbon Neutral Plus by 2030,” said Mr Panting.