About 45% of the UK’s woodland is now certified, according to a new Forestry Commission report.

The total certified area at March 31, 2009 was 1.28 million ha, with 814,000ha being in Forestry Commission and Forest Service (Northern Ireland) woodland and 469,000ha privately owned.

By region, 31% of England’s woodland is certified , while in Wales it is 44%. Scotland (56%) and Northern Ireland (74%) have the largest proportion of certified area.

The overall area of UK woodland stands at 2.84 million ha – 12% of the total land area. Of that, 1.62 million ha is conifer and 1.21 million ha is broadleaved.

Total restocking in 2008-09 was 15,900ha (12,100ha conifers and 3,800ha broadleaved).