PEFC Netherlands has become the 34th organisation to be recognised by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC).

PEFC said the country has only 7% forest cover so PEFC Netherlands is important in ensuring the import of wood products is done correctly.

This includes the promotion of chain of custody certification, which will increase the availability of sustainably sourced wood products to Dutch consumers.

“While the Dutch society is well-known for its environmental consciousness, only a small percentage of timber products on the Dutch market are currently certified,” said Kees Boon, chairman of PEFC Netherlands.

“We hope to soon start the forest management standard setting process, which, if endorsed by PEFC would allow us to better promote sustainable forest management practices nationally.”

PEFC International secretary-general Ben Gunneberg said PEFC Netherlands will have an important role in “bringing forest certification and sustainable forest management closer to the mainstream”, not only to the Netherlands but “to society as a whole”.