A new two-day UK exhibition for the timber industry has been unveiled and will launch in June 2011.

Timber Expo, publicised at TRADA’s annual In Touch with Timber Conference in London on May 18, is intended to take In Touch to “the next level”, creating increased interest for architects and specifiers in using timber and wood products.

Rupert Scott, TRADA membership and marketing manager, confirmed to TTJ that the new event would replace In Touch.

He said the concept of In Touch with Timber had always been to bring together specifiers and suppliers and to develop and grow markets for timber through a combination of inspiration and information.

“That formula worked very well and this year has brought another successful event.

“However, with the resources at our disposal we feel that we have taken In Touch with Timber as far as we can. TRADA on its own cannot take the event to the next level and for this reason we have been exploring new avenues, looking at how to grow the conference together with the exhibition which has always been a significant part of In Touch with Timber.”

Timber Expo will be held with help from Radar Communications, a move it said which would enable TRADA to develop both the exhibition and conference programme to offer more and makes delegates’ day even more worthwhile.

“In partnership, we believe we can create a professional event which focuses on timber and wood products and continues to bring specifiers and supplies together in a constructive forum.”

Exact dates and a venue are still to be finalised, though the Midlands was cited by Radar’s Darren Richards as a possibility.

The event has already set up a website where prospective visitors and exhibitors can request further information (click here). It is also promoting discount rates for companies which sign up for the show before September this year.

Mr Richards said a target level of about 100 exhibitors was being sought in the first event. He said companies exhibiting at In Touch has given a “encouraging response” to the new concept.

The UK’s last dedicated timber industry exhibition, The Timber Show, was launched at ExCeL in London in 2006. A second event was planned for the following year, but it was cancelled and the show liquidated (www.ttjonline.com March 1 2008).