Total production by FEP member companies approached 98 million m² last year, up 2% from 2005 by 1.9 million m². Consumption, however, rose 5.5%.

An FEP spokesman said: “Parquet is not only maintaining its solid position as an important flooring alternative, but is further extending its growth in spite of harsh competition from other flooring alternatives.”

Sweden remains the leading producer with 17.6% of the market, followed by Poland with 13.3%, just ahead of Germany with 13.2%. The most popular type is multi-layer at 79% of production, followed by solid at 16% and minor shares for mosaic and lamparquet. Oak remains by far the most popular of the 13 types of species at 55%.

Sales last year broke the 100 million m² barrier and now stand at 108 million m², FEP said. Germany is the most important consumer market at 19% of sales, followed by Spain at 16% and France at 10%.