The outlay is part of a multi-million-pound strategic investment programme that includes £4.5m spent in 2022 and an additional £6m to be spent in 2024. The outlay aims to upgrade facilities, improve operations, reduce waste and enhance the customer experience.

A £500,000 machinery upgrade at Stoney Stanton forms a part of the investment and is part of the next phase at the site following the installation of the Hundegger TurboDrive in 2022.

Already in place at the Bodmin and Redhill sites, the Hundegger will increase capacity, reliability and quality while reducing waste by 8%, contributing to a better all-around service for customers.

Meanwhile, a fifth £185,000 new AV Birch Uni-Roll will be installed at the Inverness site. The Uni-Roll has been designed to work in tandem with a planned glulam cutting line and cutting table, ensuring seamless integration within the facility.

As a result of the Uni-Roll installation, customers can expect faster order processing, enhanced precision in material handling and a higher standard of service. 

In addition to the Uni-Roll, Pasquill has forecast a circa £600,000 investment this year for a dedicated JJI Joist line at the Stoney Stanton site. 

The company has also invested £450,000 in four electric Combilift forklift trucks at the Redhill site. These versatile, multi-directional forklifts are designed to improve material handling, particularly in tight spaces, and contribute to the company’s commitment to sustainability by reducing carbon emissions.

Gabriel Prior, operations and continuous improvement director at Saint-Gobain Off-Site Solutions, said the investments demonstrate Pasquill’s commitment to continuous improvement and improving efficiency. 

Office expansions at Chorley and Bodmin, costing £1.4m and £160,000 respectively, have also taken place. 

Looking to the future, the team is currently laying the groundwork for the completion of a £6m project in 2024, this will see the business install a Randek AutoEye line at Redhill –claimed to be the UK’s first automated truss production line.

The system streamlines the manufacturing process by visually identifying roof trusses and automatically picking, placing, positioning and pressing nail plates.