Annual market research by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) shows the positive message about timber windows is getting through.

The telephone survey put questions to around 150 people from local authorities, architectural practices, builders and housing associations.

Encouragingly, the number who either agreed, or strongly agreed, that BWF-accredited windows are at least as good as the best windows made of other materials, from the environmental perspective, was up from 80% last year to 98%.

BWF director Kevin Cubbage said: ‘The word that is being used more and more is “sustainability” and follows on from the government’s policy drive to make the construction industry more sensitive to sustainability.’

A big jump was experienced in respondents’ views on glazing – a sticking point for the timber product in the past. A total of 85% agreed, or strongly agreed, that factory fitted double glazed timber windows are at least as good as rival products – a jump from 55% last year.

‘That’s quite a sea change and very important to us because we know a lot of the historical problems associated with timber windows were down to poor site glazing,’ Mr Cubbage added.

The survey also revealed the key influence for respondents specifying timber windows was local authority conservation officers, followed by sustainability and then the BWF accreditation scheme/brochure.