Premier Forest Products Ltd has increased stocks of its Greentree plywood in the UK with the arrival of a bulk shipment of the standard product and a 150m³ test batch of its marine-grade equivalent.

Over 1,000m³ of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified Greentree plywood is now available in the UK, helping Premier satisfy “industry demand for a cost-effective and sustainable plywood product”.

The marine-grade plywood has already been committed to orders, but Premier said it plans to shift the bulk of its marine purchases to the FSC version once it has been viewed and tested by the UK market.

The company said the introduction of marine-grade plywood is in response to growing environmental pressure on companies.

“There has definitely been an increased demand for certified marine at enquiry stage, and Premier is confident that Greentree’s quality and the environmental certification it carries will convince buyers to pay a small premium over the uncertified alternatives, especially those organisations under greater corporate responsibility and environmental obligations,” said director Terry Edgell.

Premier is also looking to introduce Greentree MDF to the UK in collaboration with Spanish panel producer Finsa, which it says “can be utilised in the most demanding of applications due to the quality of the product”.