Profit ratios are declining at three out of four companies involved in the DIY sector, according to a new report.

The Prospect Shop Business Ratio Report – based on analysis of the last three financial reports of 119 leading DIY companies – finds that only two of the top 10 businesses by sales managed to exceed the industry average pre-tax profits margin of 5.5%. These were B&Q with a pre-tax profits margin of 9.6% and Emerson Holding Co with a margin of 8.4%.

Of the leading companies by sales, Nexfor managed a pre-tax profits margin of only -0.7%, Homebase 0.5% and Focus Do It All 2.1%.

The largest companies in the DIY trade to show the most dramatic rise in sales were Jewson, up 36%, B&Q, up 9.6%, and Focus Do It All, up 12%.