One of the pioneers of the Ecojoist in the UK is set to double its output from a new £2m factory in Wellingborough.

Robinson Manufacturing, the privately owned engineered wood and bespoke joinery company, has expanded manufacturing to 20,000ft2 to meet demand for Gang-Nail’s Ecojoist open-web floor joist system.

The company supplies several national housebuilders and said the changes would enable it to be more competitive and improve customer service.

“Currently we are able to produce between 8,000 and 10,000m of Ecojoist per week,” factory manager Glyn Hilson said. “Our growth plan would increase this volume to 16,000m. A typical three-bedroom house requires around 140m of joists so we will be able to produce enough for about 7,000 floors per year.”

“While the new factory has enabled us to rationalise operations, we have further planning in place, which would enable us to increase the facility,” sales manager Jack McMinn said. “ This is part of our integrated growth plan, which includes the provision of a further two Ecojoist production lines.”