Wood coatings manufacturer Ronseal has launched a campaign to find the UK’s worst beer gardens in a bid to “stamp out tatty wooden tables, distressed decking and weather-beaten fencing”.

The Ronseal of Approval competition will see the 10 worst nominated beer gardens battling for the chance to have celebrity gardener Charlie Dimmock transform them in time for the summer.

A survey by Ronseal has found that 71% of Britons believe beer gardens are an important part of the UK’s culture and half said that they are an “essential element of a decent pub”. However, 85% said that the introduction of the smoking ban has led to an upsurge in the number of makeshift and shoody beer gardens.

“Our research has shown how important a smart and attractive beer garden is to pub customers – more than half said they would increase both the frequency and duration of their stays in pubs if the beer garden was pleasant and well-looked after,” said James Smith from Ronseal.