The annual Timber Trade Federation (TTF) Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) audit has revealed that the purchase of sustainable softwoods has grown by 40% since the scheme was launched two years ago, with hardwoods and composite products both seeing an increase of 30% over the same period.

TTF chief executive John White described the annual RPP audit results as “an encouraging start”, but added there is “still work to do, as the average percentage purchase of sustainable products by companies is only 70% for softwoods, 8% for hardwoods and 49% for composite products”.

“Through the RPP, the TTF has made responsible purchasing more accessible to its members and the retail industry,” said Mr White. “However, the TTF is determined to continue to improve the RPP until we are satisfied we have a system that exemplifies best practice in managing the timber supply chain outside of certification.”

TTF president Neil Donaldson recently called on non-signatories to the RPP to sign up as it is “truly a good business tool” that can help businesses win contracts.