Joinery manufacturers could benefit from a range of green-split and centre-free products developed by SCA Timber.

Available through Brooks Bros of Danbury, Howarth Timber, Snows Timber and SCA Timber Supply, the products feature on a dedicated page on SCA Timber’s website.

SCA’s green-split products are produced in manufacturing component size at source at its sawmills in Sweden and kiln-dried to provide uniform moisture content.

The fit-for-purpose style production allows the timber to be graded on surfaces which would previously have been unexposed throughout conversion and kilning.

The centre-free products, developed from the green-split range, make it possible to identify more of the splay knots during production and therefore reduce their occurrence.

  Steve Jones, responsible for SCA’s product development and marketing, said: “We see a substantial market amongst small- to medium-sized enterprises who are transferring to modern manufacturing practices and techniques.”