“We have been working on our new distribution model, which replicates our product range in our Welshpool and Cumbernauld merchant operations,” says Jan Gritter, general manager at the 20 acre Melton site.

“The remodelling required us to invest in the site to allow us to deliver direct to customer, as opposed to delivering in bulk, which required us to install racking systems as well as upgrading lighting and wi-fi for warehouse management technology for picking,” he added.  

SCA has been working with DHL Business Solutions in order to fully understand the logistic implications for this development, which means that its product range can be delivered to any of its merchant customers from either Cumbernauld, Welshpool and now, Melton.

“I am pleased we were able to remodel Melton to satisfy the future strategy of our business, and to double the capacity to supply the merchant market,” said John Griffiths, managing director for SCA Wood. “We are excited by this change, which we know will further support our customers’ needs and allow us to deliver our long term business plan.