SCA’s Bollsta sawmill has applied for new environmental permits to help it assess long-term development potential and production increases on the site.

The permit, which relates to emissions and noise, has been requested from the county government board, while separate negotiations are focusing on the future expansion of the Bollsta mill’s industrial area.

“We need to know the terms for the operations in a future where production may be almost twice that of today and may be completed with further processing and more energy production,” said Bollsta sawmill manager Katarina Levin.

“When and in which order the steps of this development will be taken will be determined by the market development and our own strategic decisions,” she said.

Ms Levin said environmental approvals would create a legal framework which would make future development possible in about 10-15 years’ time.

Bollsta, which produces pine products, is currently running at near capacity at 430,000m³ this year, up from 365,000m³ five years ago.

In a separate project, SCA is investing €65m in new kilning, treatment and grading facilities at Bollsta.