SCA Transforest’s harbour terminal operations in Sweden will switch to using environment-friendly diesel.

The move will make SCA one of Europe’s largest users of synthetic diesel, as well as reducing the company’s carbon dioxide emissions by 10% (by more than 400 tons) annually.

Forklifts, loaders, cranes and trucks at the operations in Umeå and Sundsvall will change to the synthetic diesel, which SCA says will significantly reduce exhaust emissions and help improve air quality.

SCA has entered a two-year agreement with FramTidsbränslen AB which will see SCA purchase about 3.3 million litres of synthetic diesel, also-known as Paradiesel.

Each year, SCA has approximately 40,000 transports in the Sundsvall region between its industrial operations in Ortviken and Östrand and the harbour at Tunadal.