The company has experienced consistent year-on-year growth since its inception in 2001, which it attributes to its sustainable and innovative foundations. These principles have always been at the forefront of SDL’s operations, this has seen it install one of the UK’s first aerobic digesters and commissioning its own CHP biomass plant to produce its own renewable energy.

Roll on 23 years later, SDL now manages the 360° life cycle of the tree from harvesting to replanting and offers full traceability and carbon tracking of all its projects.  

The motivation behind commissioning the new wood pellet line and pellet press is to meet the increased demand for their wood pellets. SDL says it has seen significant growth in demand from domestic customers as well as commercial customers, especially in the poultry industry for heating purposes in the chicken sheds.

"This investment positions SDL Solutions to meet the rising demand for wood pellets as an environmentally responsible heating choice," said Sam Launchbury, CEO of SDL Solutions. "By doubling our capacity, we reaffirm our dedication to offering our customers reliable and sustainable fuel options. We believe the most reliable and environmentally friendly wood pellets are produced within and supplied to the UK, from responsibly managed forests, reducing the demand for imported wood pellets.”