Actions it has taken include increasing its stock by around 20% so that its customers have enough to cover any potential delays.

It has also established an Irish company, Södra Ireland Ltd, so that it will have two options to supply its customers in Northern Ireland in the case of either a hard or soft Brexit.

“They could continue to be supplied out of our distribution terminal in Wicklow, Republic of Ireland or, in the event of a hard border, supplying out of Dundee, Scotland may be more convenient,” said Jeremy English, Södra Wood Great Britain and Ireland sales director.

While Södra Ireland Ltd will help smooth any potential post-Brexit issues, the investment in Ireland is much more far-reaching,” he continued. “Along with Sweden, Holland and the UK, Ireland is very much a key market for Södra and an integral part of our long-term strategy. We’re keen to continue to support the growth of the Irish economy, regardless of the political environment.

“Arguably, the biggest issues could be faced by our customers’ customers. Brexit could potentially delay developments and/or investments while they wait on decisions. That said, while we may see some delays and a temporary short-term quietening of the market, we strongly believe that the broader demand for timber will remain strong because of the greater needs of the macro economy.”

Mr English added that Södra’s commitment to the British and Irish market would remain steadfast. “We’re a global business with experience of exporting throughout the world. We have no concerns about exporting to any country, whether inside or outside the EU. Whatever the outcome, we’re well placed to cope with any potential Brexit challenges.”