The Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) has urged Sarawak to promote its success against illegal logging activities to silence allegations from foreign NGOs and media.

MTCC chairman Dr Freezailah Che Yom said the council was “impressed” with the Sarawak government’s crackdown on illegal loggers, including action along the Kalimantan border, plus efforts towards sustainable forest management.

He said the MTCC would continue to help the state comply with international requirements on tropical timber, including pressing Germany and Holland to recognise the council’s certification scheme, currently being developed with Sarwak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC). He said Denmark and the UK already recognised the scheme.

Dr Freezailah has recommended STIDC organises more roadshows to promote the state’s timber products throughout Europe.

STIDC says it sees the need to educate trading partners to acknowledge and mutually recognise various certification programmes, including the one being developed by the MTCC.

The corporation described illegal logging as a “serious threat”, which it would continue to counter with measures including the establishment of local programmes, sustained inter-agency collaborative security enforcement and exchanges on illegal trade information, plus joint actions with external partners.