Coillte Panel Products donated SmartPly OSB to an interactive installation by Greenpeace to showcase the use of energy-efficient lighting at 100% Design.

SmartPly OSB was used in the foundation of the work, which was created by designer Jason Bruges and featured hundreds of energy-efficient light bulbs.

The bulbs, also known as compact fluorescent lamps, were laid out as if they were flowers in raised beds and responded to touch pads situated around the installation, creating a “gently undulating light that ripples across it surface” according to Mr Bruges.

FSC certifieid SmartPly OSB was the only choice for us,” said Greenpeace climate campaigner Louise Molloy.

“It’s important that we make environmentally responsible choices for all the materials needed to make the installation happen.”

“Having been used by Greenpeace on several projects, SmartPly was again selected as the environmentally certified sustainable solution, offering strong and versatile design options to [Mr Bruges’s] studio for this inspirational installation,” added Geoff Rhodes, marketing and business development director at Coillte, SmartPly’s parent company.